Stump the CFChump – 3

I am doing a "Stump the CFChump" series. I recently passed the ColdFusion 9 exam and this is material I learned while studying. I have several CodeSchool gift cards to giveaway so comments who answer correctly I'll email you the discount code. "Stump the Chumps" is from the "Car Talk" so I am spinning that title for ColdFusion. These are questions that stumped me when studying.

  • Please try to not google or run the code before answering.
  • This is for fun so don't be afraid to guess.
  • I ran out of code school gift cards.

Stump the CFChump 2b


A. best comment explanation

Stump the CFChump 3


What variable would you use to show the cumulative time required to process the query below?

<cfquery name="GetParks" datasource="cfdocexamples"  result="GetResults"> 
    FROM Parks 
    ORDER BY ParkName, State 


A. GetParks.ExecutionTime
B. GetParks.ProcessTime
C. GetResults.ExecutionTime
D. GetResults.ProcessTime