Stump the CFChump – 2

I am doing a "Stump the CFChump" series. I recently passed the ColdFusion 9 exam and this is material I learned while studying. I have several CodeSchool gift cards to giveaway so comments who answer correctly I'll email you the discount code. "Stump the Chumps" is from the "Car Talk" so I am spinning that title for ColdFusion. These are questions that stumped me when studying.

  • Please try to not google or run the code before answering.
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  • Giftcards are available until I run out for correct answers

Stump the CFChump 1


B. best comment explanation

Stump the CFChump 2


What will display when this code is ran?

<cfset myvar = "Hello ">

<cfif 2 eq true>
 <cfset myvar = myvar & "Carrie">
<cfelseif 2 eq false>
 <cfset myvar = myvar & "Brody">
 <cfset myvar = myvar & "Saul">



A. Hello Carrie
B. Hello Brody
C. Hello Saul
D. Error