Into The Box 2014 – Join Me

This year I'll be going to "Into The Box 2014" conference at the Hilton Homewood Suites by Mall of America, Bloomington, MN. USA.  "Into The Box 2014" is May 13, one day before and near CFObjective.
I try to attend two training events a year. Last year it was Scotch On the Rocks and RailsConf. This year I'll be doing a week Java training, a scrum master 2 day class, and "Into The Box 2014". I pay for my own training usually and started budgeting Dave Ramsey style so you can bet I am not spending my cash lightly.
It is a good deal & if you fly in early you should join me and the other conference attendies. I am actually attending "Into The Box 2014"and not making it to CFObjective so if you aren't attending CFObjective, join me too.
Here are some session I am looking forward to attending.

Migrating to MVC: Converting Legacy Code

10:00 AM - Room1
Adrian Moreno
Learn how to "think MVC" while bringing your code into the present day. Taking a step-by-step approach, we'll cover the basics of handlers, views, plugins, interceptors and models. We’ll also cover a handful of security issues that have come to light since your legacy code was first created and how to address them with ColdFusion and ColdBox.

Meet The Family: WireBox, CacheBox, LogBox, & TestBox

11:05 AM - Room1
Brad Wood, George Murphy, Curt Gratz, & Gavin Pickin
New to the world of "Box" and a little intimidated by where to start? Let us demystify each of our Box libraries with a brief introduction and demo in this fast-paced tag team session. We'll spend roughly 15 per library, showing you how easy it is to get started and enjoy new levels of productivity.

Securing your Box Applications

03:15 PM - Room1
Pete Freitag & Brad Wood
Locking down your ColdBox and ContentBox sites is as important today as ever. In this session we'll talk about the kinds of threats that you need to be concerned about, and tools that help you secure your applications with minimal effort.

Writing For Performance (ProfileBox/FusionReactor)

04:20 PM - Room1
Luis Majano
This session will cover how to tune your Box applications with our ProfileBox module that ties your apps performance metrics right inside of FusionReactor.