exclusive Java training bargain for experienced developers

I am happy to announce, Webucator has offered a deal for their online java class for experienced programmers to my friends and followers for only $1000 but we need 3 people to sign up so please pass the word around to your friends and followers.
The class starts April 28th 10am-5pm eastern time for 5 days. This schedule might work out well for people since there is some time in the morning to still work at your normal job.

Sign up

To sign up, email customerservice@webucator.com and mention my name, Mike Henke, and they will help you register. 

Reasons Why

Structure - I am looking forward to a condensed, ridgid class structure to learn Java quickly. I know you can find community college or free online classes but that takes disciple to commit to self motivation and follow through for an extended period of time. This short, fixed time will help me.
Cost - I like to attend a couple conferences / training courses a year. Last year it was RailsConf and  Scotch on the Rocks. If you can't persuade your company into paying 100%. They might be willing to splitting the cost with you. If not, don't forget about tax deductibles.
Burning vacation time - Since you are learning to improve yourself and help the company, your manager might give you time to attend the training/conference without having to use your personal time off hours. It doesn't hurt to ask.
Skills - Learning other programming languages help you with your current language along with diversifying your marketability.


Please register soon since the deadline for this bargain is March 31st.