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Switch to Ubuntu from Vista

Well, I was fed up with Vista on a new laptop I purchased in March 2007.  Vista performance was horrible and it was buggy.  I would get the blue screen of death when starting Windows Media Player along with the cpu pegging out when doing anything.  The laptop is an Acer Aspire (details later) for…
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Get results from sql Ant task into a property

My first attempt to create an ant using sql results within the ant script.  I am using MSSQL has my db server.  The example expects ant and sql are setup.  Several good blogs covering how to ant and sql setup.  My next attempt will try to store the SQL result as XML, and extracting the…
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SQL Server 2005 Express error connection issue solved

I had trouble connecting locally to SQL Server Express 2005.  I found a great post from Charlie Arehart's blog called Solving error connecting to SQL Server 2005 from CFMX 6.1/7 on Localhost but still got "Connection refused" or "Error establishing socket".  Here is specific solution for SQL Server Express 2005 after I follow everyone's helpful…
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First Post from CFUnited

Hi, Just testing adding blog entries while in a session @ CFUnited, .  I am using google docs for notes and may publish as I clean them up.  I am using MachBlog, Mach-II, and Coldfusion for the blog.
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